Oklevueha Native American Church of Missouri



Native Americans Religious Freedom

        The above link will assist you in understanding more about the religious freedom the Native
        Americans have obtained.

Issues of Law

        The above link will assist you in understanding the importance of recent legal decisions by 
        the Higher Courts Regarding Native American Religious Freedom:  This reviews the 
        decisions of the Supreme Courts of the State of Utah, the Supreme Court of the United
        States of America, and the action of the U.S. Department of the Interior, regarding the
        religious freedoms of the Native American Churches, their Members and Ministers.  All 
        members of the Oklevueha Native American Church should at least have a basic 
        understanding about these issues.  Members and Medicine People can utilize the
        protection of their religion by having an understanding that these court decisions provide. 

Ceremony and Your Protection

        The above link will assist you in understanding how Ceremony can assist individuals
        to have greater legal protection. 

Judge Zvenia -- Radio Transcript

        The following is an edited transcript for you to better understand the power and 
        protection behind the Native American Church.

Personal Health and Consent Form 

        The above link is a general form for Natural Practitioners.  It is highly advisable that every
        one of your clients fill out this form or one that you have personalized.

Bundle Ceremony - 1st official assignment

        The above link includes information about the Medicine Wheel and how to incorporate it
        into your personal Bundle Ceremony.  This will be your first official assignment as a newly
        adopted member of the Church.  Every member can only be protected under the law when
        they are having the covering of Ceremony.  If you want protection under the law, Ceremony
        is the key!

                  Click here to read some Bundle Ceremony examples.

                  Click here to read more about your legal protection. 

Benefits of Establishing an ONACMO Chapter 

        The above link is education about the benefits of participating or forming a Chapter in your
        area.  ONACMO Chapters are an important part of our Native American Church Family.

                  Click here for the ONACMO Chapter Administration Manual.

Ethical Code of Conduct

        The above link is intended to provide specific standards and principles to cover most
        situations encountered in your Healing Ministry.


Questionnaire for Federal Agents

        The above link is a questionnaire for Federal personnel.  Under the Privacy Act of 1974, 
        certain safeguards are provided for an individual against invasion of personal privacy by 
        requiring Federal Agencies to permit an individual to determine what records pertaining to 
        him are collected, maintained, used or disseminated by such agencies.  This form is to be
        filled out by a federal official who is seeking information from you.

Obama Care Exemption

        The above contains some important information if you chose to exercise your right to be
        exempted from Obama Care.  

ONACMO Liability Release

        This form is to be filled out by all people attending ONACMO Ceremonies.


Generic Drug Companies Given Immunity

           The link above is an article about the generic drug companies given total immunity against
        all lawsuits from patients harmed by their drugs.